We Are A Farm


Island Organics Bali is first of all a farm.

We have been growing in Bali with no pesticides and other harmful artificial chemical for over
16 years. Our field grow over 50 cultivated varieties of herbs and vegetables on our farm in Baturiti. 
The produce supply to hotels, resorts, restaurants, and home delivery with crops that is
freshly harvested per order. We plant by request and work with several local / plasma farmers. 
We also sell products of theirs which we indicate as "Island Fresh" on our price list. At this point,
none of their stuff is verified as pesticide free although we know that some would not use any,
especially the native crops.
Cultivating the land
We use 100% organic system in our farm but to be certified organic we need another three
components : Water, land, and seed source. We do have “organic” water but during the dry season
we do use conditioned water. Our land is completely “organic” since it is being used for
“organic" production for more than 8 years. “Organic” seeds means that they are produced by
certified organic seed company. We do use some organic seeds like Kale and Carrots, the rest are
conventional seeds but, we are reducing the use of fungicide treated seeds.

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