Banana, Gros Michel 'Pisang Ambon' - 1 Fan

Banana, Gros Michel 'Pisang Ambon' - 1 Fan




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Product type: Fruits

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This banana cultivar is naturally mutated triploid variety of wild banana or so called Musa acuminata Triploid Group (AAA) cv 'Gros Michel' and became seedless

One of the most tasty and wild cultivated banana around the world back in 1950s and ancestor of selected clone 'Cavendish Type'. Have less complex flavour because lacking of compound volatile component but more isopropyl acetate compare to commercial cavendish but just perfect as a 'real banana'

Gros Michel is known as Guineo Gigante, Banano, and Plátano Roatán in Spanish. It is also known as Pisang Ambon in Malaysia and Indonesia, Thihmwe in Burma, Chek Ambuong in Cambodia and Kluai Hom Thong in Thailand.

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