Kale, Premium Bunch - 1kg






Take our exclusive and limited Kale series of three premium cultivars : Dazzling Blue, White Casper, and Red Scarlet in one bunch of these beautiful super food. Red scarlet is an excellent source of hearty fresh greens that are packed with antioxidants. Dazzling blue sports puckered, brilliant dark turquoise green with neon pinkish mid-vein, this beauty is selected clone of open pollinated Nero di Toscany Kale.

The white cultivar just haven't reach its best performance. Once  they get matured, the beautifully textured leaves will have snow white veins and frilly sage-green margins. Casper Kale could be like an ornamental plant but their pretty leaf is actually one of the tastiest, sweetest, and crispiest amongst other Kales!

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