Cashew Cacao Clusters / Big Tree Farms - large 250 g

Cashew Cacao Clusters / Big Tree Farms - large 250 g




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Product type: Dry Products

Vendor: Big Tree Farms



Cashew-Cacao Clusters are a mix of truly raw cacao nibs and truly raw cashews sweetened with our low-glycemic coconut nectar, with just a dash of wild-harvested Balinese sea salt added. Cashew Cacao Clusters are a healthy energy-bar alternative with naturally high protein and high nutrient energy. Keep them on hand for a quick snack, as a breakfast or healthy dessert topper, for at work energy or as a guilt-free sweet treat. and they're great for healthy kid's snacks too. Big Tree Farms’ Truly Raw cacao products are uniquely cold-processed at 115F/46C to protect the incredible phytonutrients and antioxidants found in cacao.