Heirloom Earth Juice Package - Served 600 ml

Heirloom Earth Juice Package - Served 600 ml




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Jicama 300 g

Carrot 300 g

Beetroot 150 g

Turnip 200 g

Lettuce Deer Tongue 1 head

Spinach 1 bunch

Parsley 1 bunch


Jicama is good for agatizing the cardiovascular system, it helps decrease the change on heart and vessel diseases. In which Jicama is rich with vitamins A, B, C and K, makes it useful for alkalizing the blood. While turnip contains of powerful antioxidant that can reduce the risk on cancer, through helping the liver to process toxins. Spinach and beetroot helps in the balanced creation of red blood cell.


This fresh juice combination will help you to increase immune system especially towards your internal vital organs which mentioned above.


Tips :
Both of turnip and beetroot tops are succulent so its great to be added on your slow juicer. Make sure that your Jicama is peeled and juice it immediately otherwise they will oxidases. You can add more ice cubes if its the taste is too strong or letting them in the fridge for an hour to be chilled and have better taste