Lovage - 35 g

Lovage - 35 g






Levisticum officinale, is a lesser known herbs from European / Southwestern Asia region. Its related with parsley and celery, somewhat the flavor is in between but way bolder and stronger.

The leaves could be use in potato cream salad, green salad, salad dressing, as a herb in meat dishes, and great broth flavoring for soup and stews. Maggiplant (Dutch) or Maggikraut (German) are quite popular name because the flavor just resemble a flavoring Maggi brand which also popular in Indonesia.

The stems can be rubbed over the inside of the salad bowl for a subtle flavour. Dried and blended with other dried herbs it makes an excellent salt substitute. The flavor and usage are compareable with Flat leaf parsley

Lovage can be used in digestive difficulties, such as colic, indigestion and flatulence. A tea induces sweating and is used as a diuretic and water retention. A strong tea can be added to the bath water for a body deodorant, or to remove odours from the hands rub them in a cooled lovage tea