Rapini, Broccoli Raab / Rabe - 150 g




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Brassica rapa var. ruvo

This flower vegetable is part of many cuisine culture from Italy which called Broccoli di rape, Broccoletti, or Cime / Cima di Rapa which means "Turnip Top" since they are in the same species Brassica rapa. As well as Bok Choy and Tatsoi.

They are called Nanohana in Japan which means "Rape Blossoms" and mainly use different species from Rapeseed / Brassica napus or Rutabaga but taxonomically they are related. Although the real rapini is the main species for Nanohana nowadays.

It took us a while to know their character which appreciate more alkaline soil, sandy with lime and less organic material. Above is our first yield and more to come!

The floret is a source of Vit A, C, ak and also potassium, calcium, and iron like many other Brassicas. The flavor resemble to Broccoli and Mustard Green, slightly bitter, nutty, sweet, and pungent