1. Do you have your own farm or just deliver vegetables from some market?

We do have our own farm located in Baturiti, Tabanan and all of the western produce are in-farm production but some other local vegetables we get it from the neighboring farmers. In the coming future we would also works with community plasma farmers especially for wholesale clients like hotel and restaurant.

2. Roughly how much percentage of your vegetables are grown by organic?

We use 100% organic system in our farm but to be called organic we need another three components to be organic : Water, land, and seed source. We do have organic water but during the dry season some treated tap water is being use to water the plants maybe around 30%. Our land is completely organic since its being use for organic production for over than 8 years (depends on the standard usually 3-6 years from the previous conventional system to get the soil conditioned). Organic seeds means that the seed source came from the organically grown bred mother plant which not available in Indonesia especially for western crops. We do have some organic seeds like Kale and Carrots, the rest are conventional seed but we dont use fungicide treated seeds. For the seed source wise we would say about 40%. So in total maybe around 77.5% to 80 %.

3. How about the organic certification?

Unfortunately organic certification in Indonesia is not feasible for annual fresh produce and with IFOAM and USDA adapted organic policy, its very hard to get organic land here. If someone does, means that they open a land far away up in the mountain and will be very costly due the logistics issue and especially in Bali where agriculture land is fighting with national parks and water/soil preserved land. Regards of many organic certification institute, 70% is the minimum of organic produce to be called 'organic'

4. Can we inspect your farm in near future?

Yes we would be delighted to have client visitors to see how we cultivate our vegetables. Please come during weekdays, our manager would welcome you around 7.30 AM to 3 PM and let us know one day in advance.



1. I'm a first timer, how should I order?

Sign in to our website. We just need your name, shipping / billing address, email, and local phone number. Foreign number also possible if you do have whatsapp. We would expect first delivery to be COD (cash on delivery) but afterwards we can move to monthly payment in advance or bank transfer right after receiving your orders.

2. How do i reorder the same from my previous orders?

Log in to your account and all of the order history will be listed there. You just need to click and re-send to us.

3. How to cancel ?? 

Please call us or e-mail us directly, the cut off time for every purchase order, cancellation or modification is at 2 PM a day before delivery. We need the time to coordinate with our harvest team. After cut off time the order will be processed according to delivery schedule. For cancellation : Aji (Bahasa Indonesia only) +628113861372

4. Can we modify order? 

Yes. Please easily log into your account to 'edit order' or call us or e-mail us directly, the cut off time for every purchase order, cancellation or modification is at 2 PM a day before delivery, we need the time to coordinate with our harvest team. After cut off time the order will be processed according to delivery schedule.

5. I'm not always home, how to receive the goods?

We can do delivery to your office or neighbour for example or wherever you are within the area of your shipping address. In this case please notify us on the delivery day before 9 AM.

6. Can we make a phone order if our staff is not capable on doing order online??

Yes but not well suggested since the website have more accurate list regards to the availability.  call us at the working hours Monday to Friday 09.00 AM - 05.00 PM (GMT+8) +628113864094 and we will be happy to take your order.



1. When I'll get invoice after submitting my orders online?

Pre invoice will be send right away after your order being placed through submitted email account. Usually there would be adjustment of the amount which finalised on the day you received our produce.

2. When I should proceed the payment?

COD (Cash On Delivery) directly to the drivers and please do not forget to sign the receipt. Bank transfer is expected to be done on the delivery day and not later than 3 days after.

3. Is it possible to refund our purchase if its came as not as desired?

Unfortunately not. We provide information with pictures and other details in our website so please make sure that you are ordering the right goods for you. Please understand this situation because all of our fresh produce has very short shelf life and we do not create more waste to our lovely mother earth.



1. Is your produce washed or should i wash it again?

We washed our produce with conditioned tap water, especially the raw greens like salads and herbs. But we suggest you to wash it with drinking water quality before consumption .

2. Could we make a customize standard for our yields?

Yes, if you are a wholesale restaurant who demand on specific condition of the yields with terms and condition applied. Please contact our administrator for this io.gm@bigtreefarms.com

3. How long your produce will last in the fridge?

Varies depends on the produce itself. Herbs which has strong scent are preferably kept in separated container because they release etilen hormones and will make your other produce get withered faster, as well as fruits like apples and oranges. We would not suggest you to keep the fresh produce more than three days in the fridge especially the raw material because there are some harmful bacteria spores in every mm3 flying around in the tropic climates like Bali. Cooking vegetables could last up to 5 - days.