We have adopted a community supported agriculture (CSA) for our harvest box delivery program, where all of the vegetable and fruit crops are harvested based on "seasonal" availability. you will receive fruits and vegetables at their peak freshness and of the highest nutritional value.


With your subscription, you help our farmers to produce crops more effectively by allowing us to make plans for the right crop-r
otation and intercropping in our bio-intensive farming system. This planning creates a healthier environment for sustainable production! By paying for your subscription upfront, farmers are able to plan for diverse produce, therefore generate at a lower cultivation cost, which means we can offer more affordable produce to you. With yo
ur harvest box subscription high quality yields will be achiev
ed and all of the goodness is shared between the consumer, farmer, and mother earth!


To create happiness for both growers and consumers, there are a couple of things to be aware of:

  1. We expect payment before we start delivering. It is a one time payment for your 1,4, or up to 30x of delivery. Depending what you choose.
  2. Delivery days depend on your location on the island. We delivery to most areas of Bali 2-3 times per week. Your box will come weekly unless you desire it more frequently.

To achieve nutritional balance every harvest box will consist of ± 17 items, including:

  1. Salad Mix
  2. Floret Vegetable
  3. 2 different types of root vegetables
  4. Up to 3 different green for cooking
  5. Fruit Vegetable
  6. Up to 2 different herbs for cooking with
  7. Versatile Herbs
  8. Complex Carbs
  9. Plant-derived Protein
  10. Seasonal Tropical Fruits
  11. Chantenay Carrots
  12. Kampong-Chicken Eggs
  13. Root Spices

We are happy to change the weight ratio, for example, if you are more into raw vegan diet, then we can put more versatile greens instead of the greens for cooking. Not everything will be flexible but we will try our best to accommodate your demands. Some of the vegetables and herbs might be unfamiliar to you, so we are glad to identify and provide you with kitchen tips and recipes.

Finally, our accountant will update you every month about your number of remaining deliveries.

- NOTE about Season :

Tropical seasons in climatology terms basically only consists of two distinct parts: dry and wet season. A ‘season’ by horticulture terms in a tropical region actually creates a different agroclimate for some crops to develop, compared to a season in temperate region (e.g., many parts of the northern or southern hemisphere). Here in Bali where the equator is very close, crops like Brassicaceae (Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage), Apiaceae (Parsley, Chervil), Lamiaceae (Mints, Thyme, Oregano) and Amaranthaceae (Beetroot, Swiss Chard) are not exposed to prolonged winter cold, unfortunately they couldn't flower and reproduce but these greens can be grown throughout the year. There is no distinct difference between growing them at one time or another. Sun penetration, day-night temperature gaps and rainfall are more crucial and these are few factors that create a relationship between the cultivar (cultivated variety) and ‘season'.

Bali's agroclimate is relatively constant throughout the year, elevation and rainfall are the main determining factors of what you can grow and when. Whereas in the northern hemisphere you have the four seasons that dictate growing periods for crops such as broccoli/cabbage and mustard family limiting the availability of peak-freshness crops to certain times of the year. Our crop rotation is not dictated by the season, but determined based on how to return nutrients to the soil. "Seasonality" for us means what crops are available at peak-time harvest, offering both the best taste and nutritional value.

  1. What are your preferred delivery times every week?  For your 30 times subscription we can delivery up to 3 times per week for goods worth ± 5 kg per box. Please let us know what schedule fits for you and know that adjustments are always possible.
  2. Although we harvest by availability, you can let us know if you have any allergy or dietary preferences so we can adjust the combination.
  3. Any changes to the schedule should be informed by 2 PM before the regular delivery day, as agreed by both parties.