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Mustard, Chinese Dàjiècài - 500 g

Mustard, Chinese Dàjiècài - 500 g

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Brassica juncea
Belongs to the group large petiole mustard. Its an important vegetable in both Chinese and Balinese dishes. Usually they are pork cuisine companion.

Mainly pickled with lactic acid bacteria / fungi such as Lactobacillus curvatus and Candida guilliermondii which derrived from rice water extract or coconut water (Javanese style). Meigan cai is the chinese name for this fermented Brassica juncea, or so called sayur asin (salted greens) in Bahasa Indonesia.

Like other fermented food that eaten raw, the fermentation process basically remove the health hazard and create an easier digestable component without removing the vitamins due cooking process.

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