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White Yam / Yautia / Tayer / Keladi / Kimpul

White Yam / Yautia / Tayer / Keladi / Kimpul

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Xanthosoma sagitattifolia

Local staple food for carb source. The starchy corm could be steamed, boiled or even grilled. The cultivar needs to be cook for a while to get rid of the itchy Calcium Oxalate. Its being used worldwide and closely related with Taro. South American origin and been naturalised in Indonesia for centuries.

In Puerto rican cuisine, the plant and its corm are called yautia. In Puerto Rican pasteles yautia is ground with squash, potato, green bananas and plantains into a dough-like fluid paste containing pork and ham, and boiled in a banana leaf or paper wrapper. The yautia corm is used in stews, soups, or simply served boiled much like a potato.

In Suriname and the Netherland, the plant is called tayer. The shredded root is baked with chicken, fruit juices, salted meat, and spices in the popular Surinamese dish, pom. Eaten over rice or on bread, pom is commonly eaten in Suriname at family gatherings and on special occasions, and is also popular throughout the Netherlands.

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